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The CookHouse

A unique venue for your event

If you fancy your own exclusive dining space for up to 24 people then we would be more than happy to accommodate you. The CookHouse is our kitchen/dining space all under one roof situated in Laxfield, Suffolk. For an evening or lunchtime event, we can create a mouth-watering menu to suit your, and your guests', tastes. Feel free to bring your own drinks which we are happy to store and serve - and we'll even play your favourite playlists.


Example menu: 

Slow roasted spiced Turkish lamb

Roasted beets with yogurt and nigella seeds

Spinach salad with sumac crisp bread and feta

Patatas bravas fried potatoes with sweet tomato sauce


Roasted spiced cauliflower

Prawns with spiced tomato sauce with caraway

Falafel with hummus and spiced yoghurt

Herb and mixed leaf salad

Fried white fish goujons with lemon

Gridded yellow courgette with green beans, edamane and tahini dressing

Bulgar and lentil kofta

Cumin yoghurt

Spiced Turkish flatbreads

Homemade harissa


Brooks Cooks Suffolk Catering in The CookHouse Burns Night
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